Based in Hampshire and Surrey
Original Craft Jewellery is run by Colleen and Pauline.

They started their designing/making of jewellery in July 2013 –
originally using an ancient technique called Kumihimo.

They still incorporate this into many of their pieces, but love to
develop their skills and are currently using polymer clay and
resin to create fresh and interesting designs.

Everything is unique by design and as individual as you are.

Orders happily taken

About Kumihimo

Kumihimo (Japanese for “gathering
threads”) is a modern interpretation
of an ancient braiding technique.


Originally used by Buddhist monks,
traditionally for the belt of a kimono,
it was also used by Samurai Warriors
as laces for their armour.


Threads, ribbons, etc. are interlaced (sometimes incorporating beads) to
make our unique hand-crafted
pieces of jewellery.


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